God cares! We care! Do you?

This is story of Malaysian Care in its first 10 years. It was written by the late Betty Young (wife of our founding Executive Director Rev Peter Young) as a bequest to Malaysian Care, with a Macedonian call to “Come over and help us”. It is also a collection of stories of those who have been helped in that first decade.

This book was first printed in 1991 and the print copies have run out some years ago. Hence, the e-book to keep the legacy digitally!

Excerpts from the book:

A fit of coughing racked Jacob’s body and left him gasping for breath. These bouts of asthma had become more and more frequent, leaving him exhausted. At last it was over, and still breathing heavily, he propped himself up against the wall of his cell, his chest glistening with sweat. Life just wasn’t worth living, he concluded. Not only had he to face a probable long sentence for a recent armed robbery, but there were other charges for crimes committed in another town.
(Read the book to find out how Jacob and many others found hope behind and beyond the prison bars.)
“Will you take my little boy in?” The smiling, young woman looked in turn at the three of us, sitting around her hospital bed…We all knew we couldn’t accept her son, then seven years old. He was severely physically handicapped. We thought of our boisterous children in House of Care. Khen Siong will be knocked flat on his back in the first five minutes! (Still this cry of a dying mother marked the beginning of Malaysian Care’s special needs ministry)
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