Lane & Evan (not their real names)
Journeyed out of drug addiction and are now working as residential staff in a children home in Kuala Lumpur, where they look after children of single parents and those with behavioral problems. Lane is looking forward to taking a 3-month course at Tung Ling Bible College in September. 

I was admitted into Rumah Kepercayaan (RK, Malaysian Care’s halfway for women) in 2009 for rehabilitation from the addiction to sleeping pills. It started as a relief to asthma and then I become so dependent on it, to the point of taking 30 pills a day.

I spent one year in RK, where I learnt how to accept my own weaknesses and work on them. We went to church every weekend and I heard about this guy Evan and his work among underprivileged children. I was curious about him but never got the chance to meet him.
After leaving RK, I helped out in church activities like prayer meetings and cell group meetings. There, I finally met Evan and got to know him better.

I used to live just one day at a time, spending all my money. But I was feeling empty inside. I’m glad that I now have a fulfilled life with my husband and our son. We may not have a lot but never in need. We even have some savings!

I came in contact with Malaysian Care at the point of life when I had no hope, no shelter, no food and I was ready to commit suicide. A friend recommended Rumah Petros (RP, Malaysian Care’s halfway home for men) and I got in contact with its staff David Chong. They then sent me to a rehab centre.

Sadly, I did not stay through. I had been in and out of centres many times, each stay lasted only a few months. It amazed me that every time, RP was willing to take me in. Finally, I stayed through a programme with Green Pastures Rehab and graduated after 2 years.  Since then, I have been working with various children homes as a residential staff. Then, I met my wife.

At a church cleaning activity, I noticed her sitting quietly on a pew. I usually I don’t pay much attention to ladies but this time I went up to her to say ‘hello’. And that led to a lifelong journey together.

I’m grateful for Malaysian Care’s determination to take me in and send me to a better place, where I laid down my ego and learnt to trust in someone other than myself. I’m very satisfied with my life right now, a life I never knew that I could have.

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