Christine Foo
Joined in 1982 as a full time staff in Rumah Rahmat, retired early in 2009 as Senior Director – Services* People with Special Needs.

In today’s social context, CSR is frequently used for “Corporate Social Responsibility” with its many charitable projects to help people who are needy or to produce an overall positive impact on society.  I responded to the challenge of “ Christian  Social  Responsibility ” (aka CSR) and this was the beginning of my personal CSR journey in the early years of Malaysian Care.  Joining first as member and volunteer (Board Member), I eventually joined Care full-time on March 1982 to serve in its residential home Rumah Rahmat  ( Home of Mercy for persons with disabilities).  Malaysian Care preferred someone with nursing qualifications which I did not have but I was prepared to be a “trainee staff”.

It was a calling, and through the years solidified into my vocation, a call for the long haul.  I count this a special privilege.It was God who placed HIS compassion in me to love and reach out to people with special needs. HE enables me to see that every child is precious in HIS sight.  It is written inJohn 15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.”

My first 5 years was immersed in learning to serve and to grow in Christ and ministry.  The A to Z of nurturing the young children and other residents under our care was of utmost importance.  The late Rev. Peter Young instilled in me that those we serve are the VVIP (Very Very Important People).  We shared a strong communal bond in Christ especially for us in Rumah Care and Rumah Rahmat whose homes were in Rawang.  Many of us are still in contact with each other till today.

It was also from the exemplary lifestyle and servanthood of my leaders and fellow-workers in Malaysian Care that I grew in my Christian life – in that“Christ increase, and I decrease”.  There were opportunities to grow professionally and in leadership and management. From “family-styled” homes to community work, partners in caring and community development, advocacy and capacity building, there is no boring rut in Malaysian Care but often a challenge to be relevant with new initiatives and a heart to follow God’s direction so as to be“the visible expression of God’s love in a broken world”.

What amazes me most is God’s faithfulness as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, and all these shall be added unto you.”  I can testify that in my many years of ministry in Malaysian Care, I had no lack.  My personal confidence in His Presence and His Provision helped me to launch into the deep as I took early retirement to go to China on a new mission 5 years ago.  Malaysian Care has been a very significant part of my past and matters preciously very much like “family”.  Acting as a bridge for expression of my spiritual life and ministry for 27 plus years, I can see possibilities to create future connections with Malaysian Care in a different dimension for Kingdom building.

Now, on rethinking retirement, I continue to trust and obey GOD in my new season of ministry, to lean on His faithfulness and live a life for HIS GLORY.

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