Grace Tan
Grace Tan
Walked through ‘happiness’ & emptiness into God’s grace. Today, she is happily married and owner of a hair salon.

Coming from a family of loving parents, I had a good life filled with love, gifts and many overseas holidays, till 10 years old. Seeing my parents drifting apart, I began to blame myself. At 13 years old, my parents went through the divorce procedure and custody of children was given to my mother.

I became rebellious, playing truant in school, mixing with bad company and having late night outs. I would sneak out at night by jumping down from the balcony when my mother locked the doors and hid the keys. My mother tried various ways to manage me but I responded with anger at her instead. Finally, I quit school at the age of 15 and moved out of the house.

I thought I was enjoying life, yet I had a sense of emptiness inside me. I was desperate for care and love. I began partying, drinking and I was introduced to drugs when I was 19 years old. The first time I took drugs, I felt like all my problems have disappeared. I thought I had found solace in this new found friend.

Slowly, drugs began to control my life and more issues arose. I developed bladder pain and was hospitalized a couple of times. I lost so much weight that I could hardly recognize myself. My parents were shocked when they saw me. Despite my constant rejection of them, they continued to patiently offer help to me.

After much coaxing, I agreed to be admitted to a rehabilitation centre for my addiction. The first time I went in, I ran away. A few months later, I was admitted to Rumah Kepercayaan (RK, Malaysian Care’s halfway home for women). In His time, He made all things beautiful. I learnt to surrender to Him and soon I began to experience His grace in my life and being filled with His acceptance and love.

After nearly one year in RK, I received healing through the therapies and care of the staff. I also have a family therapist who helps me work out my relationship with my family. I got married in 2009 and relationship with my family is growing ever stronger. I opened a salon with my husband in 2012. It has not been easy but God has been my source of strength and guidance.

I’m very grateful to know the Almighty God in my life and thankful for the 2 special persons whom He sent to help me till today: Sister Siew Lin and Uncle Ming Teck.

I could not have broken free from my past problems on my own no matter how hard I try. It was God who changed me. All glory to His name!

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