Mahendran Munian , a Community Staff – Prison, Drugs and Aids, is glad that he has found hope, peace and joy in Jesus.

It was the 20 th of August, 2013. Sweating profusely, Mahen entered the office of the Director of Prison, Drugs & AIDS. At that time, Mahen was a trainee with the department, and he had something very important to tell the director.

“Kenneth, I need to take leave for I’m wanted by the police for an offense charge.”

Another re-lapse? If Mahen was expecting to be stereotyped or judged, he got none of this from Kenneth.

Encouraged, Mahen left the room bestowed with one piece of advice, “Do what you think you should do.”

Mahen’s story is like many others. He got involved in the drug trade because he wanted a way out of poverty. Thinking that he could stay clean while selling drugs, he found that once you are in, you’re stuck. Slowly, he got entangled in the webs of drug trafficking and addiction, stealing and getting caught by the police. Only when his stepfather intervened that Mahen was enrolled into Rumah Petros of Malaysian Care. He finished the one year programme and got promoted to become a trainee in the department.

In September 2013, Mahen turned himself in to the police, knowing very well that he could be spending the next 14 years in jail. It was for a break-in case, an offense that he committed before entering Rumah Petros.

Mahen went through the trial in court with the full support from Malaysian Care. A volunteer lawyer defended the case and the sentence was only 3 months, and RM5000 fine. He chipped in RM2000 to pay for the fine!

“Thank God. I felt like I had family when Frederick, Ray, Jon, Sam and Siew Lin (Malaysian Care’s staff) came. God’s people really touched my heart. This is Malaysian Care’s compassion.”

Mahen has served his sentence and came back ready to serve God in Malaysian Care’s Prison, Drugs and AIDS Department. His desire now is to minister to children and youth at risk of social ills.

“I was bad. I was good. I was not perfect. Yet He has never left me nor forsaken me. He’s been faithful through His people around me.”

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