We are privileged to have a group of faithful donors who supported our ministries since the early days. They started giving from their first pay cheque and continued to give regularly till today.  No audible voice in lightning and thunder, no ‘road to Damascus’ encounter, no dream or vision, simply out of their desire to be part of God’s caring ministry, believing that that’s what every disciple of Jesus is called to do. They form part of the ‘I Care’ community, a community that cares for the poor and needy in Malaysia through Malaysian Care.

Here are the stories of two such partners of Malaysian Care….

Elizabeth Abraham, Selangor
“I first heard about Malaysian Care during my university days in the 80’s through church friends. When I entered the working world, it became the first Christian organization that I contributed to on a regular basis .  I believe as believers of Christ we are commanded to help the orphans and widows in their distress, and I was drawn to Malaysian Care’s vision and mission.

I have seen Malaysian Care grow, from reading updates in Care Contact. From running a children home, it now provides numerous services for the urban and rural communities, those affected by prison and drugs as well as the special needs community.  Isn’t Our Almighty God an awesome Jehovah Jireh who has so richly blessed many people through Malaysian Care? All honour and glory be unto God!

As the years went by and financial commitments increased, there has always been a thought of increasing or decreasing my giving especially now when I am giving to various organizations both Christian and others. But God’s answer has always been, “Have I not blessed you and provided for you and your family all these years”.  And I am often reminded of the same by my husband, and so I continue to give as the Lord leads.  Even though I have recently opted for optional retirement, I will continue to support Malaysian Care financially and with prayers. If anyone would enquire of which Christian organizations they could donate to, I would definitely recommend Malaysian Care, explaining its vision and mission.”

Dr Ong Eng-Joe, Sarawak
“It was a pleasure to meet the late Rev. Peter Young in his Malaysian Care office (which was then in Brickfields) in 1991 when I was studying in Form Six at the Methodist College, Brickfields. I was interested to know how I could help.  Peter and Betty Young’s heart to care for others was so inspiring. I remember he later wrote a book entitled ‘The Gift of Daily Bread’. In this small book, he asked why many Malaysian Christians were ‘called’ to migrate to more developed countries instead of emigrating to developing countries.  He was indeed well qualified to pose such questions as he  and his family left their comfort in the United Kingdom to reside in Malaysia; dedicating their lives to serve to the poor, needy, prisoners and the marginalised in this developing country. One of the most poignant accounts was how they helped my friend Yap Khen Siong (now a Malaysian Care staff) when he was a child and supported him till adulthood. There is so much needs around us and I am so glad that there is a Christian organisation in Malaysia doing work to help the people in need.

I wanted to be part of the work and since I couldn’t join as a staff or volunteer, I started giving financially once I was able to.  It has been a blessing to be able to share in the work by giving. It is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.  I believe Malaysian Care is blessing Malaysia in the work that it does.” 

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