Calling Card Printing Requisition Form

      To request printing of Malaysian CARE Calling Cards (Minimum order: 200 pcs)

      Media Format
      Other Information
      - The policy on the issuing of Calling Cards standardizes the eligibility, purchase and design of Malaysian CARE's calling Cards. It establishes approval and ordering procedures, maintaining the standard of Malaysian CARE branding design, and quality control.
      - Only confirmed staff of Malaysian CARE are eligible for calling cards with the approval of their Head of Services or Department (HOD).
      - Staff will receive a draft layout via email within 2 to 5 working days after submitting the requisition form for checking and verifying details,
      - A copy of the draft will also be sent to HOD for approval.
      - Please confirm your details via email upon receiving the draft copy.
      - Staff will be notified and can collect their Calling Cards approximately two weeks from the date of approval from the administration department.