Child Safeguarding

Malaysian CARE is working towards in safeguarding children from harm from child abuse ranging from physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and deprivation, sexual abuse and bullying. Malaysian CARE shared common commitment, standards and guidelines through its adoption of Malaysian CARE Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct for Working with Children that was approved on November 2020. 

A child is defined as “a person under the age of eighteen years” (Child Act 2001, Revised 2016). Hence, children who are under the age of 18 within Malaysian CARE projects are our best interest in the work that we are doing to ensure decisions are made responsibly. 

Every board member, management staff, employee, volunteer, intern and visitor shares the commitment to promote a culture well-being of children in Malaysian CARE. 

Statement of Commitment

  1. Malaysian CARE recognizes that children are a heritage1 from God’s creation plan and are valued by Him, regardless of race, origin, gender, skin colour, religion, belief system, disability and socioeconomic status. Hence, all children have a right to be loved, holistically nurtured and protected from all forms of abuse.

  2. Malaysian CARE will ensure the protection of children’s rights to pursue and fulfill their God-given potential2 and purposes within the context which God has placed the children. This includes upholding children’s right to speak and be heard.

  3. Malaysian CARE believes in promoting and safeguarding the holistic wellbeing and development of a child which includes: Physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development3. Hence, the best interests of children will be a primary consideration in any activity or planning implicating children.

  4. Malaysian CARE is committed to the missional call of action by the Lausanne Consultation on Children at Risk (2015):

    a) Mission to children: To respond to children’s needs involving their protection and safety. 

    b) Mission for children: To be the prophetic voice for the needs of children. 

    c) Mission with children: To value and promote children’s participation in God’s transformational work to their own life, the community and the nation. 

  5. Malaysian CARE is committed to adhering to the law on safeguarding the wellbeing of the child as stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and Child Act 2001 (Revised 2016).

  6. The Board of Malaysian CARE is committed to:

     Provide constructive feedback in the implementation and review of the Child Protection Policy to the organization.

     To assist in decision making and discussion when allegations or accusations are made against any Management team or staff of Malaysian CARE.

  7. The management team is committed to:

     Ensure that Malaysian CARE adheres to this Child Protection Policy.
     Assume the lead of decision-making in a non-judgmental manner when allegations or accusations are made against the employees, volunteers, interns or visitors.

     To ensure that an appointed employee prepares the appropriate review and evaluation, and provide constructive feedback.

     To ensure staff is equipped to respond to complaints or issues related to child protection.

  8. The employees are committed to:

     Refer complaints or concerns to the Person-In-Charge or appointed Officer for child safety.

     Listen attentively and respectfully to the child who is making the complaint. 

     To write a brief report on the child’s disclosure.

     To attend relevant training related to child protection.

For further information on safeguarding children, kindly write to [email protected] (Ms. Tina Yap, Service Development)