35-stories17-EIC-KK Jane Teng
Founder, D’Loving Early Intervention Centre

Every child is God’s precious gift to us. Having worked with children in a day care centre for over 15 years and being a mother, I truly understand the hearts of parents. All expecting parents only desire a smooth delivery of a healthy baby. However, not all deliveries are smooth and not all babies are as healthy as we hope.

After moving to Kota Kinabalu (KK), I got involved in Handprints, a toy library for children with special needs. There is a boy who left a deep impression on my mind. He was born premature (30 weeks) because of hydrocephalus. He has frequent epilepsy. He is now already 8 years old but unable to walk and talk. His parents are so helpless. I have met him a few times with his mom pushing him on a wheelchair. His coordination is weak thus he tends to hit on anyone next to him. Most other parents move their children away from him. He doesn’t know how to handle toys, so, he throws them away. I feel for him and his helpless parents deeply.

God has spoken to me a few times to help them. They need help and many families with special needs children need help too. This voice kept ringing in my ears till I surrendered. I told God that I would obey His calling to start an Early Intervention Centre in KK. Sad to say, this is the first in KK. Praise the Lord that once I committed to His calling, He sent me young and committed teachers with the same passion. After starting the centre, we visited the 8-year-old boy. It is truly amazing to see him calling “ba ba”, “ma ma” and lately “bye bye” with hand gesture. I strongly believe, together we can make a difference for this special group of children. 

Jane operates Taska D’Sayangku in Kuala Lumpur which was part of our pilot Inclusive Preschool Programme. She is also the Principal of D’Loving Care Centre in Kuala Lumpur and she has just started D’Loving Early Intervention Centre in Kota Kinabalu.

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