My name is Ash. Just like the Ash from Pokemon, where you “gotta catch ‘em all”. When I grow up, I want to be just like Ash and catch all Pokemons because I know they’re out there. I just need to be bigger to find them, that’s it. 

I was one month old when I was separated from my mama. I don’t remember all this, but mama says that it was because she had a “problem”. All I know was she went to a place called Malaysian Care, and the aunties there helped her. I was sent to stay at another home, but I still got to see my mama every month. She got OK fast at this place. I know she is OK now.

Mama tells me she was a bad, bad girl. Mama ran away from her own papa and mama when she was very young. I have a papa now. But mama says papa last time was a bad guy and he taught her bad things. Mama says he has “gone far far away” before I was born. Mama says that she became a bad girl and did naughty things. She has another 2 children like me, but they grew big and don’t visit her because of the bad things she did.

Before she became OK, mama stayed at this place called Petaling Street. She met my papa there and they fell in love. That’s how I came about. Mama and papa got help from Malaysian Care. Mama got to know Jesus there and she learnt how to love and be nice to other people.

I was really really happy when mama and papa got married last year. Everyone at the wedding was happy. Then, came one uncle and one aunty. Mama started to cry and everyone cried. I have never seen them before. Mama says that they are her sister and brother. She missed them so much, just like how I miss mama and papa when they are not there.

Mama goes to work everyday with me at my kindergarten, and I get to be with her everyday. Papa goes out to help people send things to many places because he is a good papa. I have my own room in my house, and my very own toys. One day I want to grow up big and strong so that I can protect my mama.

Mama says ‘Thank You’ to Malaysian Care, and I want to thank them also, because they made my mama good.

Ash (not his real name), a 4-year-old boy of a lady who was a drug dependant. We journeyed with Ash’s mother through her rehabilitation and it was such a joy to see her reconciling with her family and given a new lease of life.
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