Community Development Worker of Sengoi Methodist Mission, trained and sponsored by Malaysian Care

Hailed from Kampung Jelanggok in Betau, Pahang, Rostam was first introduced to the concept of sustainable agriculture and community development 14 years ago through a Malaysian Care staff. Step by step, he was guided to attempt the very first rubber project in his village. Unfortunately, it was a total failure. Inevitable, there were many difficulties and challenges to start up any project. And to fail at the first attempt was devastating. At that time, it seemed impossible for him to turn around from that failed experience.   Malaysian Care continued to encourage him through prayer and reflection on the lessons learned.

“My first project was a total failure! But with the strength from God and encouragement from Malaysian Care, I attempted my second project in rubber plantation. It took me 2 years to see the first fruit. With the help of 10 fellow villagers, we reaped the result in the 4 th year,” recalled Rostam.

He attributed the success of the second project to perseverance in prayer.  Having done all the ‘right things’ that he have learned, he depended on the Creator of the universe who held the times and seasons in His hand. The first fruit in the second year was a glimpse of hope that encouraged him to press on.

With the proceeds from the rubber project, the villagers set up a Tabung Koperasi (Cooperative Fund) to manage the village’s rubber project. They are now applying for a rubber trading license from the Malaysian Rubber Board. Rostam expressed the aspiration of the community to work together and pass on the legacy of God’s blessings to the next generation. He is thankful to Malaysian Care in helping him to develop himself, his family, and his village.

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