Loh Ngit Sang

Loh Ngit Sang
Diagnosed with hyperactivity & learning difficulty, President of Friendship Club

I was born on 28 th of September, 1989. I’m the first child in a family of 3 children that consists of two boys and a girl. I was diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder and learning difficulty. I am very close to my mother. I started my formal learning in my mother tongue and completed high school in 2008. I can speak in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin. Being a   sociable person , I have many friends since I like to talk with people. I love to surf Facebook and watch movies in the cinema.

I was referred to Malaysian Care by United Voice in 2009. I joined the Work-based programme in Malaysian Care. I was doing the KFC packing and packet sealing. Besides that, I joined all the modular programmes. I learned so many things , gained priceless experience and had lots of fun. I can now take the public transport without any assistance. I have improved in my communication skills. The sweetest memorable experience is meeting new friends and keeping in touch with them until today. I even received the top typist certificate in 2011. This year, I got the majority vote to become the president of Friendship Club, a self-advocacy group. I can conduct meetings and plan outings for the members.

Something that I want to thank Malaysian Care for the rest of my life is for getting me a job. After 2 years with Malaysian Care, my supervisor told me that I could go out to work and I went for my first interview and got a job in Sweet Chat in Mid Valley Mega Mall. I am working as a waiter. I give menu to dine-in customers, clear table, serve food and drinks, and pass bills to customer and cashier. My job coach supports me at work. She demonstrates every task before I do. She is very patient with me, corrects me when I make mistakes, encourages me, praises me and respects me for who am I.

Now that I am earning money, I can help my parents in times of trouble. I feel very happy that I can be a responsible son. My hope in the future is to travel around the world!

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