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I was diagnosed with nose cancer in August 2011. I wondered why I had this disease at such a young age. What’s the probability for one who exercises a lot and never eats meat to get cancer at the age of 32? But now I am glad it happened. Before having cancer, my life was focussed on career, money, girls and reputation. I was a stubborn person who would never listen or believe in God and always had big debates with one of my best friends who happened to be a pastor’s son.

What did Jesus do when I was diagnosed with cancer?

1. He sent me a Christian doctor to pray and take me to church in Penang
2. He sent me a taxi driver to share the gospel and take me to church for free during my treatment in Singapore
3. He sent me all the Christian brothers and sisters to comfort and support me
4. He sent me cancer survivors to comfort me during my treatment

Two months after being diagnosed, my whole family and I got saved by Jesus. I felt the love, comfort and peace after knowing Him.

The treatment of cancer led to some painful side effects which affected me both physically and emotionally. I was depressed. One day, I told myself that I need to stop the ‘self-pity’ and move on. I googled and found out about volunteering at Malaysian Care. During the interview, I felt burdened to be engaged in the Services for People with Special Needs and I remember one of staff, Keith told me “Mui, you are here not to bless them, but to be blessed by them”. At that time, I did not really understand the whole meaning. I thought I was given this opportunity to do God’s will and follow what Jesus had taught me – to love the unfortunate.
During the first week of helping the young adults with special needs, I went back home with many questions: Why did God create them? To suffer here?” I was heartbroken to see their condition. Weeks passed and my perspective changed. I could see that actually they were much happier than I was. They overflowed with joy. They never even bothered to feel upset about their condition. During the five months volunteering, I saw a lot of beautiful things. They are very loving people. They would comfort one another when one is upset. Some would help out to carry bags or chairs for another friend because it is too heavy. The cute ones would even advise his friend to do some exercise because he is overweight. I also see the beautiful staff here endlessly pouring their love towards the people whom they work with. I can see the love of God in the whole ecosystem.

On 15 Jan 2013, I went for a check-up and the results were good. Throughout this phase of my life, Jesus kept reminding me of Matthew 9:19 about the woman with the issue of blood who got healed because of her faith. He also told me not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34). God gave me a second chance in life, to look at life from a different perspective. What seemed important aren’t important anymore.
It is really a great experience volunteering at Malaysian Care. Come and see the amazing work of God!

(This article was first published in Care Contact, March – May 2013 Issue)

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