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Racing against time: Orang Asli illustrator striving to connect his world to the outside — and vice versa
2 July 2023

THE clouds part in a stately procession, like curtains gliding slowly across the inky dark sky. A full moon sidles into view, casting its ethereal light on the restless clearing below, where a group of children are huddled around the figure of an old man.

Overcrowding and health
in prisons


The push towards reducing overcrowding should not slow down during the endemic phase of Covid-19. An article written by SANTHA OORJITHAM and appeared in THE HEALTH MARCH-APRIL, 2023 issue.
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Prisoner release programme can ease overcrowding and help with reconciliation, say NGOs
20 Apr 2023

The Ihsan Madani Prisoners' Release on Licence (OBB) programme by the Prisons Department has been lauded by NGOS as a timely move.

Don’t stigmatise special needs students
19 March 2023

WHILE providing vocational training for special needs students at the secondary level is important to help them lead independent and purposeful lives, early intervention at the preschool stage is a crucial determinant for the children’s future success.

YouTurn Day 2023 - Prisons Dept calls for halfway houses to accommodate paroled female convicts
10 February 2023

The country is lacking halfway houses to accommodate paroled female prisoners and former female inmates who are looking for a job so that they can be reintegrated into society, Prison Department deputy director-general Datuk Ibrisam Abdul Rahman reportedly said.

YouTurn Day 2023 - Prisons dept in dire need of transit houses for female ex-inmates 
9 February 2023

The prisons department is in dire need of transit houses for female former inmates as all 15 transit houses nationwide only accommodate male residents.

YouTurn Day 2023 -  More transit houses for women needed
9 February 2023

The Prison Department requires more transit houses specifically to house female ex-convicts as they reintegrate into society, it Deputy Commissioner General (community) Datuk Ibrisam Abdul Rahman said today.

YouTurn Day 2023 - Jabatan Penjara perlu rumah perantaraan untuk banduan wanita yang diparol 
9 February 2023

Jabatan Penjara memerlukan rumah perantaraan khusus untuk banduan wanita yang diparol dan bekas banduan wanita yang serdang mencari pekerjaan bagi memastikan kumpulan itu berupah kembali berintegrasi dalam masyarakat.

YouTurn Day 2023 - Need for halfway houses for paroled female prisoners to be set up. 
9 February 2023

There is a need for halfway houses to be set up to accommodate paroled female prisoners and former female inmates who are looking for a job in order to help them reintegrate into society.

YouTurn Day 2023 - Diskriminasi masyarakat punca bekas banduan sukar hidup di luar penjara, ulangi jenayah 
9 February 2023

Sesetengah bekas banduan sering dipinggirkan dan dipandang rendah oleh masyarakat, menyebabkan mereka sukar untuk mendapat pekerjaan dan tempat tinggal.

OCBC Grant – Employment Transition Program.   
2 January 2023

STAFF across six OCBC Bank (M) Bhd divisions and branches collaborated to contribute RM145,000 to non-profit organisation Malaysian CARE to prepare people with learning disabilities for work life.

TARUC’s X-Perience Campaign
5 April  2022

A campaign to raise awareness on providing hope for young offenders is aimed at giving them a second chance to better reintegrate into society.

Youturn Project
15 March 2022

Sin Chew's coverage on the
Youturn Project

(Press release in Chinese) 

 The Orang Asli community in Perak today urged the state government to put in law the ancestral lands that are rightfully theirs to own once and for all.

OA Land rights
26 November 2021
Sin Chew's coverage on the issue of
OA Land rights

(Press release in Chinese) .

Read and view the testimony of Sam Lim in an interview carried with the Sin Chew daily recently. 

(Press release in Chinese) 

The support of family, friends and a community can be a catalyst when it comes to reducing cases of recidivism and helping former offenders transition back to society, say experts and social activists.

Keadaan Orang Asli yang sejak dari dahulu mempunyai pelbagai masalah kesihatan membuatkan mereka lebih berisiko sekiranya dijangkiti COVID-19.

Reopening schools after Sept will impact Orang Asli education, says NGO rep
13 August 2021

Reopening of schools beyond September will impact Orang Asli education, says Malaysian Care executive director Wong Young Soon.

He was a top student. Upon completing secondary school, he was received by an institute of higher learning to embark on foundation in law. His parents, a fisherman and a food stall vendor from a small coastal village in Malaysia, were proud of and had high hopes for their bright son. With the good grades he consistently churned out, his future seemed sealed.

Current News That Affects The Poor and Needy

Dewan Rakyat passes bill to abolish mandatory death penalty
03 April 2023

The Dewan Rakyat has unanimously passed a bill to abolish the mandatory death penalty through a voice vote.

Stop exploiting Johor’s Orang Asli
24 March 2023

The Orang Asli community in Johor is being exploited by outsiders, and steps need to be taken to address this situation, says the Johor Ruler.

PPR youth face towering troubles
22 March 2023

Children living in the People’s Housing Projects (PPR) need more support and opportunities as they could be exposed to conditions that make them vulnerable to mental health issues.

Working Towards Abolishing the Mandatory Death Penalty 
17 March 2023

Malaysia has shown its intention to move towards the abolishment of the mandatory death penalty ever since a moratorium on death penalty was put in place in 2018. With the winding road to abolishing the mandatory death penalty coming into sight, we examine the potential impacts it will have on our country. Join our host Meor Addelan with Deputy Law and Institutional Reforms Minister Ramkarpal Singh and our panel of experts where we will go in depth into this topic.

Orang Asli community to be actively involved in environmental sustainability - Nik Nazmi
15 March 2023

Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Ministry will get the Orang Asli community to be more actively involved in efforts to ensure environmental sustainability, said Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Largest budget share for subsidies and aid, education, health
24 February 2023

The education and health ministries received the biggest allocations under the RM388.1 billion Budget 2023, with RM64 billion set aside for government subsidies, aid and incentives.

Orang Asli dakwa bekas MB Perak pandang remeh kes curi pasir.
22 February 2023

Orang Asli di Kampung Sungai Cincin di sini mendakwa pernah mengadu isu curi pasir kepada Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu selepas tanah adat mereka diceroboh dengan aktiviti berkenaan.

Anwar Cabinet agrees to enable automatic citizenship for children born overseas to Malaysian mums
18 February 2023

The Cabinet has agreed to amend the Federal Constitution to enable children born abroad to Malaysian mothers to gain automatic Malaysian citizenship.

Fatimah: Sarawak to have 3 more temporary transit centres for homeless
8 February 2023

Three temporary transit centres (TTGs) for the homeless will be set up in Kuching, Miri and Bintulu, said Sarawak Minister of Women, Early Childhood and Community Wellbeing Development Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah.

‘Cradle to career’ learning model for special needs kids
7 January 2023

Universiti Malaya (UM) has recently completed a study for the Rythm Foundation, culminating in a model learning programme for the holistic education of children with special needs in Malaysia.