CC  (not her real name)

I used to have a great future. I was an engineer, earning a lot of money, and I had life all figured out. That was before I got bipolar. Life really gets a kick out of us, doesn’t it?

I lost my job, and was on so many medications that I couldn’t get a job for 5 years. I couldn’t see any hope in my future, and I tried to commit suicide in 2009.

Finally, I had a dream. In it, Jesus told me to leave Johor and go to Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Care’s Director for Prison, Drugs and AIDS told me that they do not take in clients with mental disorders. Somehow, they made an exception for me and I am very grateful for that.

By the fourth month in Rumah Kepercayaan (Malaysian Care’s halfway home for women), I could work half day in the office. Two months later, I was officially a trainee. I was with Malaysian Care for 11 months.

By then I have learnt to be independent and found a job. Presently, I am stable and trying to reach out to people who are going through depression.

I thank Malaysian Care for restoring normalcy into my life. It feels great just to be able to live life without relying on anyone except God.

CC encountered God in a dream when he appeared as a glow of light with a cross dancing in it. She is now staying in Kuala Lumpur and keeps in contact with Malaysian Care’s staff in the Prison, Drugs & AIDS Department. She helps others through her weekly counseling.

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