Prison, Drugs and AIDS

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Everyone deserves a second chance and some need more than others!

Our efforts in this area include:

Prison, Substance Abuse & Addictions Ministry

Coordination of visits to prisons (men, women and juvenile); drop-in centre where assessment, counselling and referral services are provided; street ministry.


Counselling and referral services are part and parcel of our ministry to people with a history of prison, drugs and HIV/AIDS and their family members.

Community & Family Programmes

A range of community-based services which include home visits, hospital visits, counselling, transport and support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, and aftercare programmes for ex-prisoners and those recovering from substance abuse which include halfway homes, community homes and trainings, to support them towards re-assimilation into the society.

Youth & Juvenile Programmes

Through fun and engaging extra-curricular activities and music, we run regular trainings for juveniles towards character-building and facilitate prevention programmes for youth in the poor communities, as well as hold awareness talks on HIV/AIDS and addictions at schools, colleges and churches.