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About your Odoo usage

Are you using Odoo on a daily basis? *

Which modules are you using/testing? *

Ergonomy and ease of use

These questions relate to the ergonomy and ease of use of Odoo. Try to remind your firsts days on Odoo and what have been your difficulties.

What do you think about the documentation available on *

Totally disagreeDisagreeAgreeTotally agree
It is up-to-date
It helps in the beginning
I use the contextual help in Odoo
It is complete
It is clear

What do you think about the process views of Odoo, available in the web client ? *

Totally disagreeDisagreeAgreeTotally agree
They help new users to understand Odoo
They are clean and correct
They are useful on a daily usage
A process is defined for all enterprise flows
It's easy to find the process you need

Do you have suggestions on how to improve the process view ?

What do you think about the structure of the menus? *

What do you think about the groups of users? *

Totally disagreeDisagreeAgreeTotally agree
The security rules defined on groups are useful
Those security rules are standard and can be used out-of-the-box in most cases
The 'Usability/Extended View' group helps in daily work
The 'Usability/Extended View' group hides only optional fields
The groups set on menu items are relevant

What do you think about the structure of the menus? *

What do you think about configuration wizards? *

Totally disagreeDisagreeAgreeTotally agree
Descriptions and help tooltips are clear enough
Configuration wizard exists for each important setting
Extra modules proposed are relevant
Running the configuration wizards is a good way to spare time

Community and contributors

How do you contribute or plan to contribute to Odoo? *

Do you have a proposition to help people to contribute?

Do you have a proposition to attract new contributors?

Questions for developers

If you do not contribute or develop in Odoo, skip this page.

Where do you develop your new features?